Volunteer Packing List: The Essentials for Your Next Trip

how to pack for volunteering abroad

Packing to take a trip overseas can be hard, but packing for a volunteering experience can be even more difficult. Often you’ll be doing a variety of activities that call for different clothes and tools. You may be staying for an extended time and experiencing several seasons, which means you’ll need t-shirts and a decent rain … Read more

What to Know Before Volunteering Abroad: Advice From Expert Volunteers

expert volunteer opinions before you leave

No matter how much research you do before volunteering abroad, there’s always going to be something you weren’t prepared for. And that’s all part of the process. Volunteering overseas is about stretching your comfort zone, learning about new places and about yourself in the process. We asked 7 expert volunteers what the one thing they wish … Read more

6 Inspiring Reasons You Should Volunteer Abroad

reasons for volunteering abroad

Whenever you read the news these days, it’s difficult not to see the challenges facing different communities, populations and countries across the globe. Whether it’s deep-rooted poverty, a lack of access to healthcare and education or damage to the environment, we’re having to face up to a range of global issues. For those inspired to … Read more